Teachers caught on tape bullying special-needs girl…

My thoughts on not only this article but abuse in all retrospect. I’m beyond saddened to hear of teachers bullying a special-needs girl (article linked). What really frustrates me is the fact that this is a huge issue that sometimes goes unnoticed. In the article the girl, Cheyanne told her father she was being bullied, to which the father confronted the school. Upon finding out that it was the teachers doing it the school lied, to cover their own. The father was told Cheyanne was a liar. Upon taking matters into his own hand by setting up a secret camera the truth was found. People are stupid. I hate that they got away with it for so long, or that others are unknown. How can someone wake up and just harm someone purposely without a second thought? I’m beyond disgusted. And its in my hopes that karma gets them back. I pray for Cheyanne and all those out there who are abused, who will grow up unwilling to trust anyone…. Some people need help.

Occupy Wall Street

Someone had asked me my views on the whole Occupy Wall Street rebellion. In totally honesty I find it far-fetch and ridiculous. Mostly because I would never choose to live on the streets for days on end and having to deal with police brutality. Now I am unaware what the OWS is and what the hopes, goals and beliefs behind it. Frankly I’m not interested enough to read up and catch up with it. From a few articles I have skimmed over, the police brutality is unbelievable. I saw a picture of a protester in definite pain from pepper spray. Now I probably shouldn’t go all “fuck the police” seeing as I have no idea what caused the incident to happen. I simply believe any issue at hand can be resolved without violence.

So in total retrospect, I currently don’t care with the whole OWS “movement”. Please by all means inform me. These are just my opinions, thoughts and rambling. Have an awesome weekend!

We’re saddened to announce that the young great white shark we released on October 25 off the coast of southern California has died. This is a very difficult day for all of us at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and for everyone who saw and cared about this animal.

Based on the shark’s behavior and overall condition prior to release, our white shark team had every confidence that he would do well back in the wild — as was the case with five other young great whites released from the aquarium.

Unfortunately, according to data from the tracking tag he carried, the shark died shortly after he was released.

"Our Husbandry team  is unrivaled in its knowledge of young great white sharks, and I’m so proud of the passion and dedication they demonstrate each day," said aquarium Managing Director Jim Hekkers. "This is a difficult time for all of us –- and especially for the team members who devoted so much attention and care to an animal that had such a powerful impact on the attitudes of our visitors toward conservation of ocean wildlife."

While this is a setback, in the weeks to come, our white shark team will review its procedures and protocols to see if  there are any changes we should consider so we can continue to do what we do best: give our animals exceptional care and, through our living exhibits, inspire visitors from around the world to care about –- and care for -– ocean wildlife.

Right now, while we are shocked and saddened by this loss of this shark, we remain fully committed to our white shark work.

Five other great white sharks have been successfully returned to the wild after spending periods between 11 days and six-and-a-half months at the aquarium. One other animal –- a small shark that fed only once during its 11 days on exhibit –- was also transported south to Goleta for release. Four other sharks were released in Monterey Bay.

Tracking data from all five sharks confirmed they survived their release, though one of the sharks died four months later in a fisherman’s net in Baja California.

Exhibit of young great white sharks is one element of Project White Shark, our work with research colleagues to learn more about white sharks in the wild as well as to inspire visitors to become advocates for shark conservation by bringing them face to face with sharks on exhibit.

Since 2002, we’ve tagged and tracked 47 juvenile great white sharks off southern California. Earlier this year, we were the lead sponsor of legislation enacted in California that outlaws the shark fin trade –- a major factor in the global decline of shark populations.

In the past decade, we’ve allocated nearly $2 million toward studies of adult and juvenile great white sharks in the wild –- research aimed at better understanding and protecting white shark populations.



My thoughts:

Let me start by stating I love aquariums. I have been to many and the Monterey Bay Aquarium is by far the best I’ve been to. I dont know what else to talk about other than new articles that have value to me. So here we go, lets talk about this sad story of this poor shark. For those who are unaware, Monterey Bay Aquarium as housed a total of 6 great white sharks. This last one was kept in captivity for the longest time on record, 55 days.

Im truly saddened with the turn of events, though I fully agree and support the magnificent shark being released its hurtful to know it died shortly after release. I find all sharks majestic, especially great whites. Housing one in captivity along side other marine animals is beyond breathtaking. It allows people to visit, see and understand that this “vicious” creature isnt a human-eating machine. I’m torn with the idea of keeping such magnificent animals in captivity. On one side I believe its important for better understanding, education and overall moral for people to see. Yet on the other hand they were meant to be in a glass tank regardless of the size. The article I briefly read never stated how this young great white died. I wonder if this shark adjusted to being fed compared to hunting. Did it die from hunger? Did something bigger attack it? Was it killed by people or a boat? Somethings well never know.

Thanks for reading, if you want my thoughts on any news event, story article submit a link or just the story itself. I’m trying to write a couple times a week. I’m not sure who all is reading but I thank you!

Kim Kardashian

Let me briefly voice my opinion on the whole Kardashian divorce. I personally feel that in today’s society marriage is seen as a temporary solution to fast love. The values, ethics and overall moral of marriage is so construed it angers me. I honestly can think of maybe 2 marriages that haven’t ended in divorce without cheating. Full blown commitment to ONE other person. It angers me beyond words. Especially because gays can’t marry due to the thought of it ruining the value and moral of marriage. Well in all honesty I’d much rather live happily in love without a title then fall into the whole percentile of divorce which racks more than 50%. Our forefathers and ancestors must be rolling in their graves…

Thoughts on the recent SeaWorld vs. Peta suit

Let me start this by saying up until now I am a proud Peta member. I don’t eat meat, I believe in the ethical treatment of animals, I disagree in the use of fur as clothing and frown upon animal abuse. Let the record also show I believe some of the efforts performed by Peta are far-fetch. One of which is, the idea of using the 13thAmendment to sue SeaWorld for the freedom of the performing Orcas (Killer Whales).

Now for those who hate history, much like myself, and don’t know all amendments (there’s 27, google it), the 13th amendment “officially abolished and continues to prohibit slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime.”* Now for those just glancing over this and the proposed suite you may think it could be a solid case. Let me voice my opinion.

Firstly this is ridiculous; I am no history major and don’t take advantages of my rights. Yet the Constitution starts : “We the People”. In all respect to my animal friends, you do mean a lot to me. I would never impose harm. However implying a Killer Whale should have the same rights as the People offends me. What about the monkeys in zoos or the rabbit I saw on the side of the road dead. That’s a hit-and-run. The Orcas “on trial” can’t testify. We as the People don’t know whether or not they’re happy.

I love SeaWorld, I have since I was a boy. I swam with the dolphins after completing some test in 7th grade. I was a frequent visitor when I lived in San Diego. I remember wanting to be one of the trainers.  I find that “SeaWorld/Busch Gardens ANIMALS exists as the virtual representative of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment’s zoological and educational resources. As such, we are committed to bringing the excitement, wonder, and awe of the natural world into your home, school, business, or place of recreation. We strive to provide an ever evolving kaleidoscope of animal and environmental information. ”* But with this in mind please don’t feel as though I am easily swayed. In my opinion finding a court willing to take the 13th amendment into consideration for Killer Whale freedom is insane. I look forward to seeing what happens.


Thanks for reading my thoughts. Stay tuned to see what I have to say about something else next time Til then, toodles.